Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Constitution matters, our freedom matters and we will only have liberty if we choose to defend it.
I had a dream last night that woke me up. I was in a doctor's waiting room and had just been denied surgery that I needed. All I remember before I woke up is yelling at the people in the room.. strangely, some of my liberal friends were there, "this is YOUR fault! You didn't want to bother arming yourself with knowledge. You didn't want to believe this could happen. You didn't bother to look beyond the half hour evening news.. it was just too depressing to listen to.  You were lazy and apathetic, idealistic and  stubborn. And you let other people tell you how wrong the rest of us were.  Along with them, you called us names, you tried to destroy us.  If you bothered to vote at all, you pulled the lever by the candidate you were told to vote for by your union, you pulled the lever by the candidate for your party, or the one who's name you recognized.  You were to lazy and apathetic to bother to check how this person actually voted.  You were too lazy to bother to look to see how many of your rights this candidate had helped take away from you.  Then I woke up.

I guess I've just had enough.  I watch how this evil media just immediately jumps on every conservative candidate and tries to destroy them.  If you are stupid and lazy enough to only go by what they say, then you are doing the country, it's people, and yourself and family a great injustice.  I leave no media outlet out.  Although the big 3 are the worst, Fox is going down a stupid road with their actual news people .  I am doing my own research, I'm not going to let them 'lead' me into who I should support.  Not that just the Prez makes any difference.  We need to weed out congress, I would dearly love term limits on congress.  There is no reason any of those crooks should be there more than eight years. 

Everyone has to get a mind of their own and quit letting other people tell them how to think.  Turn off Dancing with the Stars and do a little research on your own.  We are most surely doomed if we don't. 

Just ask the English..


Rian said...

Our daughter voted for Obama BECAUSE she wanted free healthcare for her family. I asked her, "Is free the kind of healthcare you want for your family?" In my mind you get what you pay for.

It may not be perfect, but I think our healthcare system works. Just ask the Canadians who come here.

Maybe socialism is necessary or desired in countries like Holland or Denmark. But the US is a huge country with way too many people living on welfare by choice, and half the people don't pay taxes at all.

But don't get me started...

Denise said...

Amen to term limits!!