Sunday, September 11, 2011


I will never forget September 11, 2001.  I had been on sick leave from work.  I survived a serious illness and was still in a fragile state.  I was on the computer chatting with my friend Robin, originally from Brooklyn, and my friend Kathy from Washington State.  We chatted as we watched what transpired in New York.  Up until this point when the plane hit the second tower and we realized that our country was under attack.

I have not forgotten the confusion and fear and disbelief in those moments when I suddenly realized that I was witnessing violence on a historic scale.  A sick feeling that I was watching thousands of people die.

I have not forgotten the heroism, of ordinary citizens, some in uniform, some not. I haven't forgotten watching people jump to their deaths, imagining the horror of that decision.  I haven't forgotten the horror of the monstrous walls of debris rolling down the streets as the towers fell.

I haven't forgotten the heroes of the Pentagon, who ran into burning buildings to save their co-workers.
And I haven't forgotten the people on flight 93 who sacrificed their own lives to prevent the murder of many more.

I have not forgotten our enemies who picked this fight by intentionally slaughtering 2,977 innocent civilians.  They are cowards, and what exactly have they accomplished?
Ten years of war, sacrifices of our military and their families.

As Americans, we have naturally disagreed about the actions taken because of this attack, but these disagreements are what make us different from our enemies and much of the rest of the world.  The first amendment of our constitution gives us the inalienable right to have our voice heard and have it matter, to pray any way we want.  I will never forget that.

Today is not for remembering our disagreements and debates.  It is for remembering the innocent people who died this day in September 2001.  May they rest in peace.  I will always remember.


Life,Love&OtherStuff. said...

I enjoyed taking the time out to read this blog in particular. I love your style, and I love that I could feel your passion as I read. Well done.

mommabear said...

As a Blue Star mom who has a son currently serving in Iraq under Operation New Dawn, I say Thank You!