Wednesday, July 04, 2012


This is a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem and perfect to listen to on this day. My eyes tear up when I think of what my generation has allowed to happen to these children's futures. By our selfishness, we have saddled them with overwhelming debt. With our laziness and apathy, we have allowed many of their choices be taken away. All of you who refuse to live in the real world and see politicians for what they really are, those of you that never vote, that only vote on party lines, those of you that know more about the current reality show or celebrity than you know about who is voting what way in Congress,or what the President and his appointed chairmen are doing, you are the ones to blame for this.

 The sad thing is, many people that stumble across this blog post are truthfully so ignorant of what is really going on, that they will either not have a clue what I'm talking about, or refuse to see anything is actually wrong. You are also to blame.

 When historians look back at this time in our history, they will see what happened when we allowed temporary politicians to take it all away from us, because it was easier for too many people to rely on the government for help, than to accept responsibility for themselves and their own families.

Just remember, what you get for 'free' from the government comes at the expense of someone else. The government doesn't have their own money, they don't earn money by providing a service, they take it from those of us still willing to work.

And remember, all of you who think this Obamacare thing is a great thing, you are fools.  Anyone that truly looks at other socialist healthcare plans, know that people die all of the time because they have to wait, or they are denied care.  Our spoiled, instant gratification generation is eeking into that age group that will be the first to go.  And truthfully, I can't wait for the first one of my liberal friends that complains that they have to wait months for an MRI, or that they can't get that life saving cancer drug because they are a year too old, or 10 pounds too fat.  Or there won't be that life saving drug, or a great doctor available to them because what's the point if there is no money in it?

Boo hooo.. they don't like Capitalism.... it all comes down to money.. Yep. What is the point of working hard and taking risks if there is no money in it?  What are you left with?  Medicine like they have in Cuba?  Oh boy, how will Obama blame Bush for the destruction of the American healthcare system?  The one people come from all over the world to take advantage of because they don't have any choices in their own country.  Of course these are the people lucky enough to have money.. the rest of them have to wait and maybe die.

I hope that all of you Obama defenders enjoy a long healthy life.  Or like he said "take a pill".


Betweens said...

Teri this brought a wonderful tear or 2 of emotion when hearing these wonderful students sing. Thanks for the entertainment it was amazing

Sweet and Sauer said...

Teri, I just stumbled upon your blog by going blog-to-blog. I thought I was reading something that I would have written when I read this particular post. I will read more, and if you are a kindred spirit as it appears you might be, I will refer my friends and kin who are like mind to your blog. Like you (I thin), I mourn the loss of freedom that we have suffered in the last 3 1/2 years. I am a prayerful woman, and I am praying hard for God's Hand to touch and inform those who can make a difference in the November elections. God bless you!

wall sticker said...

dept crisis not only in USA but it affect all over world,,,,i think your health system is more effective than any other country

Ann Brooks Connors said...

Dear Terri:

Just found your site and loved Nat'l Anthem. Also applaud you for speaking out as you did. Agree wholeheartedly with all you have said. Thanks