Friday, July 29, 2005

Flight of Ideas

This is my Self Portrait Challenge piece. I call it Flight of Ideas. It is supposed to be what I look like on any given day. I always say that I have ideas pouring into my head, and I can't do them all. This is my version of how I feel. I was going to put wings on everything going into my head, but, settled for silk wings on the lightbulb. I fused silk pieces together to make each wing. I am starting to bead rayon dyed ribbon 'hair' on my head. I have done all of the background quilting I plan to do. I glued the mirror glasses on, and tomorrow, I will catch the edges with some thread. I'm a quilter through and through, and never trust attachments to glue alone.

And of course, it wouldn't be finished without beads. I have some kind of cool earrings.. stars with hanging moons.. would be perfect for 'my' ears


Two Madonna Gals said...

Great quilt Teri, I love the mirrored sunglasses. Debra asked me if I was going to do this challenge, and I've been thinking of why I can't do it, but your piece makes the opportunity very tempting. Barbara

Debra Spincic said...

I'm trying to get Rian and Barbara to try this idea too but time commitments seem to be a problem. I have been "looking" at myself to see what I would emphasize--maybe white pearl buttons for my teeth!

I'm thinking about it, though! Your piece is shaping up nicely!

I see you got the code & hopefully my email about the message failures.

Rian said...

Teri, I am squealing with delight over this piece!!!! And the mirror sunglasses, they are too, too, brilliant (pun intended)!!

Jackie Barile said...

Mommy! I love this quilt. I didnt even know you made it. It resembles you "oh so well" :-)