Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Problem with Instant Gratification

All of my complaining shows me, that if I had just waited a while, everything would work itself out. My blog looks like it should.
I worked early this morning. It is hot and humid here. I came home and turned the air conditioning on. My husband would say.. "Wait till evening and turn the air on." Yeah right. After suffering all day, when the air finally comes on, it takes forever to cool down the house, and when I only have 6 hours before I have to get up for work, I want to be able to sleep well in a nice cool room.
I have things to do today. I keep coming across all of these little containers of future projects waiting for me. I want to make a couple of miniatures, and maybe a large quilt. I am keeping my fingers crossed about getting something juried into a large show. Another problem is that my studio is an absolute mess! I just can't create under those conditions, but when I start cleaning, my mind wanders with all of the "new" treasures I forgot I had.. Wish me luck! Teri

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