Friday, July 15, 2005

Twisted Stitchers

Guild went well last night. We had a speaker Named Sally Houk. She is primarily a knitter, I guess, she sells fancy yarns, and ribbons. She showed us a technique to use Steam a seam and decorative ribbon to make fabric pieces. Very pretty, but when I saw a hank of the ribbon was $20.00 I decided that I would stick to fabric. She also took yarn and water soluable Solvy to make fabric. She had a really nice lacy vest made out of it. We have quite a few knitters in our guild, So everyone was happy, and bought some of her wares. I should have remembered my camera and then I could have showed you a picture of her colorful set up at guild.

Today is my stitch group. We call ourselves Third Friday Stitchers... Good name because we are all of the age we can't remember things, so this way we can remember when we have our meetings. It is also know as Twisted Stitchers.. which is appropriate in other ways :) There are 7 of us. We meet at each others houses and eat and laugh and sew. We formed to make miniatures, but end up working on other things to. I will post a picture of my project later today.

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Rian said...

Hi Teri! I'm really enjoying your blog! Look at you with all the blogtoys--clocks and weather things! Fun stuff, huh!