Thursday, August 11, 2005

Second Thursday!

Yes, this is a gratis picture. I have been doing nothing exciting except trying to get ready for guild tonight. It is our annual picnic, and since I am in charge of programs I have been busy with a bunch of stuff. Tonight, I get to finally see everyone else's self-portraits. Remember, we are doing challenges along with Quilting Arts Magazine. I will post pictures later.
Speaking of pictures, I am going to a quilt show tomorrow, The World Quilt and Textile show... .. look out copyright quilt police... I am going with my camera! There has been a lot of discussion on, and on the quiltart list about copyright infringement. I am just about sick to death of it. I admire artists that actually share their work. I only marginally understand artists that have a cow because someone takes a
picture of their quilt and posts it on webshots to share with others. I'm guilty... haul me away. I have done it only with the intention of sharing with internet friends that live in other countrys and can't get to the US to see these quilts. I made the mistake of putting Paducah show photos in a public album... won't do that again, or post quilts from any other major shows. Anyway, I enjoy taking pictures. It is nice to look back and remember how wonderful a quilt is.
I just think that ever since quilting has become a big money ..(at least for someone) venture, people are getting greedy about every aspect of it. All of this just proves to me that 'the pursuit of money is the root of all evil'.
Personally, I think that art is meant to be shared. You can't take your quilts with you. You can covet them and go after people who are unfortunate enough to innocently share a photo of your quilt.. but in the end, when you are standing before God, no one down here is going to give a flying fig if your quilt has a copyright...actually, you won't care anymore either, since you will finally know what really was the important thing in your life, or should have been. Someone on the quilt art list had a quote by an author names Stross: "I'm a mid-list author. My biggest enemy is not piracy, but obsurity. Anything I can do to get my name in front of readers is an investment in the future". And like Karla of Austria said " I'm much more likely to be obsure than financially damaged by having a picture of my quilt on the web without my permission. Is that the truth or what? For all of those hysterical quilters that scream "copyright" at every turn.. For God's sake get over yourselves, you are only quilters.
By the way.. this blog is copyrighted because I have posted it... don't copy my wonderful thoughts...... or else... :)


Elizabeth Rodriguiz said...

Thank you for using the term "flying fig." I'm not sure where I picked it up, but I've been using it for a couple of years in place of a certain other phrase, and I think it actually sounds kind of cute. It gives you that nice hard consonant at the end that you can really bear down on, and it's totally nonoffensive. I hope you don't try to copyright it, because I was using it long before I saw it here. "grin"

jenclair said...

I have to admit that the recent flurry annoyed me because I'd viewed that site a while back and enjoyed it very much.

The people who plan to "copy" a pattern and make money are probably few (not that it wouldn't be frustrating). Most people just want photos of beautiful quilts for inspiration. "I love the design placement" or "the color combinations" or some other aspect. Many of the pictures are on the artists own web sites - and a big thank you to all who do share. They encourage so many people who are just beginning in this arena or who have never been interested, but after seeing something they love, want to try.

I've found so many quilters to be unbelievably generous with their techniques, tips, and ideas. It always startles me when a discussion becomes a rant, a tirade, a chastisement of others.