Saturday, September 17, 2005

I Dyed Yesterday

Can you believe that I let the entire summer go by and I didn't do any dyeing? Yesterday my Twisted Stitcher group got together and dyed fabric, and did some bleach discharge. I was out of my element with the dyeing. It was decided that we would do dyeing in big buckets. I like it to be more exact, and I prefer low immersion dyeing because I like dark, strong colors. I really enjoyed doing the bleach discharge, and subsequent overdyeing. my favorite piece was this one.

It started off as a piece of black Kaufman Kona. I laid a cotton crocheted doily in the center and sprayed with bleach. Then, of course, it went into bleach stop. It bleached to a dark gold. I washed it, and then I overdyed it with orange. I scrunched it into a jar of orange. I am happy with how it turned out.

This is another favorite

This is the same fabric with branches of Wisteria laid on it and sprayed with bleach. I pretty much like it the way it is.. I have thought about overdyeing, but, maybe I will make some more.. without wisteria, because I don't have any... I also have to find some more doilys. I had a bunch that my grandmother made.. they must be around here somewhere...

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