Wednesday, November 02, 2005


This is a picture of my twin daughters and my husband taken a couple days ago at their annual trek to HalloWeekends at Cedar Point Amusement Park. I scanned it and grayscaled the picture. I went last year. But the 3 of them have passes and Bill kind of waits to use his mostly for the fall weekends. This was his last chance before they closed for the winter. I thought it would be just a nice father/daughter outing. He is such a good dad. I think they know how lucky they are. My son Matt worked there 2 years. He hardly ever goes anymore. When I go, it's for the junk food. I get motion sickness even thinking of getting on a ride. I figure that the money is wasted on me. Bill was on orders from me not to do the rides. I figure that after he just spent the month getting stents in his heart.. he didn't need to take the chance. I don't think he was crazy enough to try it.
I've been reading Gabrielle Swain's blog. She is cleaning her studio.. Does moving everything from one room to another count?


Elle said...

That's a really cute photo of your family! I love those souvenir photos from amusement parks. One of my all-time favorites is me with my brother and cousin going down on a roller coaster. You can search for it on my blog if you'd like to see it!

gabrielle said...

Oh if it were only that easy, I would move my studio to our "great room" cathederal celings and lots of wall space. Somehow I can't convince sweet Ronnie of this need so cleaning is my only alternative...aarrgh!