Friday, January 20, 2006


Please pardon the mess. I was searching for a space to put these miniature quilts so that I could show you what my Twisted Stitcher group and me have been up to. 2005 was our birthday quilt year. These are the last 3 of the year. I designed them, and gave patterns and sometimes fabric to each person in my group. They stitched the blocks, I did the Applique, and together, we pieced the tops. I will add appropriate borders and quilt and bind them, and then each will get their quilt next month. It was a very fun project. I almost hate to give up the quilts!! I have started on my new prospective show quilt. I'm pretty excited about that. Otherwise, I have been kind of lax in doing the blog the last couple of days.
Of course, you have all missed the Wacky Websites for the week! I went through and selected the best for you. Everything that you wanted to know about ironing This is an art site.. fantasy art from the look of it. dogs in cars for dog lovers a free screen cleaner for cat lovers This woman collects swizzle sticks which proves there is something for everyone Did you ever hear of the commercials that our famous movie stars would do in Japan? Well, here is your chance to see what they will actually do for money.
Have a great weekend!!

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