Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Yay!! I finally finished the last of our birthday quilts. My miniature quilt group Twisted Stitchers" decided we would make miniature quilts for each other this year. These three finish up the end of last years birthdays. We fell a little behind. I designed these and did the applique and the quilting. But our group, Lindy, Kaye, Karin, Bobbie, Kathleen, Nancy, and I pieced the blocks, and put the tops together. I think they turned out pretty well. I probably should have planned the quilting a little better. I forget how it is almost impossible for me to free motion something with so many seams packed into a small area. I started with the storm at sea and I tried quilting circles to pick up the motion in the quilt, but I would veer off course because of the seams. I ended up picking out all of the quilting and just doing stitch in the ditch in the pieced area. I think that everyone will be almost as happy to get them as I am to finish them!!!

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