Friday, February 24, 2006

Finally Friday

Zelda is visiting Gail in Illinois. She is going to the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show next week. My mini Pineapple "There and Back Again" is making it's show debut in this show. I hope that it does well.. I slaved over that quilt for a long time. The only thing about it that I would do different is I would have put continuous piping around the center section. I split it into 4 sections.. oh well, live and learn. Zelda had her pic taken by the thimbles.. she knows how much I love them. I collect thimbles. Never could stand to use them until I got my Roxane. Those will probably be in someone elses collection someday. Zelda is wearing her sweater because it was cold when she left.. she wore the feathered collar because she needed to snaz up her outfit.

I have a few obligations that I need to work on this weekend.. then I can start my new project. I'm glad it's Friday, I have the next 3 days off of work. I'll check back this weekend if anything interesting is going on.


Dorothy said...

While you're busy, busy busy this weekend, don't forget to get your VQF application postmarked WEDNESDAY. I can't wait to see that tiny little pineapple - maybe you'll steal a ribbon away from George Siciliano.

Scrapmaker said...

That Zelda turns up everywhere! I like her fancy red outfit! Jen