Sunday, March 19, 2006


Yeah, I know.. it doesn't look like coffee.. but it is. And if I had my choice.. this would be my pick for a morning coffee. Folgers Coffee. I have tried all of the fancy flavored coffees.. Starbucks Breakfast Blend is okay. My parents always drank Maxwell House or Eight O' Clock coffee. I didn't start to drink coffee until about 3-4 years ago. I am still not a hard line coffee drinker. I drink maybe a cup a day. My friend Robin turned me on to Chai Tea a few years back. I really love it. Tastes like liquid gingersnaps. I like a steaming cup topped with whipped cream.. yum.

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Maree said...

boy that coffee looks good! Rons been making me cappucino on our machine here at home a couple of times a day. I love the smell wafting thru the house:). ...You're always welcome to drop by!
(I'm the shopper always hanging around the grinding machine when someone has just ground coffee at the supermarket)