Sunday, April 30, 2006


These are photos of some store windows, Kirchhoffs Bakery. In the restraunt, they serve the sandwiches on bread that they make in the bakery.

There is a photo of a house that is for sale in the lower arts district. Would make great digs for a studio..

Also included are a couple of pictures of store windows. One had interesting murals, one had an old quilt with an interesting pattern.


Karoda said...

I hope I remember the name of this bakery as a place to dine for next year.

I thought about you everytime we drove in and out of the park, wondering which cabin you where in. We had a great time but still have to cram viewing and shopping and touring in the 3 days we're there...hopefully next year I can talk my sis into staying a full week. She really isn't a quilter (yet) but a seamtress and goes just to encourage me.

Karoda said...

oh and i did see your miniature...i truly love those and was happy to see MAQS will have a permanent miniature exhibit!