Tuesday, June 13, 2006


If you want to call getting up every morning at 5:15, leisure, then that is what this week will be. Next week, my co-worker goes on vacation, and I will be working every flippin day, including the weekend. I have to. We log all of the charts for our 2 Emergency rooms patients, and do the charges for 3 ERs. that's about 250 a day total. On top of that, I will have to call patients that leave without treatment, or write them letters, and I have to do payroll for all 3 departments. Usually, we share the load of the charts. For some reason, the only time I do the charges is when my co-worker is gone. And by the time I get up to speed on that, she comes back, and I'm not doing them anymore.
On the other hand... I can eat at my desk, and plug in the speakers for my internet stream radio and take those stupid earbuds out of my ears!

I am getting ready to box up my quilts for Vermont. And I am wondering if I should. I am not bothered by shows that offer no cash awards, but I am starting to wonder about entering shows that I don't have at least a chance of an award, when I have to send $15.00 for each quilt to have it shipped back, and I think the entry was 18.00 each quilt. Plus shipping on my end. I don't have long to think about it. They have to be there by next Friday.

Well, off to work.. oh joy. Then I go to the doc later today for my annual knee check up. (I had knee replacements about 7 years ago) I had two done on the same knee in less than a year. the first was not cemented in, and my bone didn't grow into the component. My lower leg wobbled in all directions. I would be standing, and it would go out backwards. I had it done over and it has been great ever since. I get it checked every year just to make sure it stays that way. Now, if the rest of my joints would cooperate, we would be in business.

Have a good day!!

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Rian said...

While it's wonderful that you are increasing people's erstwhile enjoyment through the viewing of your beautiful quilts, I agree with you about the rewards vs. expense. There is something wrong with this picture.

I have been reading a lot of similar sentiments around the blog globe lately. And not just about awards, but also about making art for art's sake and not for competition.