Saturday, September 02, 2006


I have been spending a large part of my evening working on guild business. Planning programs.. as much as I can. And working on Challenges. I sometimes do challenges. It helps me create with a goal in mind. The first thing that got me started was, the calendar challenge for Quilting Arts Magazine. I changed all of the guild rules to be any size up to 45" on a side.

First, in honor of my 25th anniversary ( my friend Kaye and her husband are also celebrating theirs on the same day) We will have the "On the Contrary" challenge. This challenge says that at least one Contrary Wife block must be used in the quilt.

Next is 'A Novel Idea' which is like the Quilting Arts Challenge, except for the size and the copyright rules. The magazine's rules will also be included in case there is anyone out there interested in entering that contest.

Then is "Why I Prefer Months That End In -er" which is a Autumn challenge.. but Autumn Challenge is kind of a boring title, so Susan helped me come up with a better name.

I have a few months planned as far as programs go. I am afraid to sign contracts with anyone until we know how our small quilt auction goes. We only have a fundraiser every two years, so the money has to last. We should have ways of making money for the guild all of the time but it is hard to get people to participate in anything. We thought that if we limited it to every other year, it would be easier on everyone. But having people come in for programs is expensive. Especially if they are traveling from any distance. When you have a budget, it doesn't go far if you have to pay mileage, plane fares, motels, expenses.. I am trying to come up with ideas for inexpensive programs. Fons and Porter Magazine has a Bingo game that I am doing for our November Challenge. I bought prizes today at JoAnns 50% off sale. I got rotary cutters, scissors, a bunch of notions. It should be fun stuff, and the prizes will be pretty good, I think. It is always fun to win something.

Well, I should get back to work. Lot's of loose ends!

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