Sunday, September 24, 2006


I decided that rather than drafting my New York Beauty on EQ5, I would look through some of my books to find a pattern. Of course, I can't find any of my New York Beauty books! So, I started cleaning my studio instead and thought about a old kit I had from a long time ago when I bought kits. It was for a log cabin with Jinny Beyer fabrics. I still don't see it, but in the meantime I found a container with fabrics AND already drafted and printed patterns for my current quilt. This design has been on my mind for a while, but I didn't remember drafting the pattern. There certainly wasn't a pattern for this block in EQ5 last night when I looked for it. And I wondered why I didn't have more of the appropriate color fabrics. This boots me way farther ahead on this project than I was yesterday.

Now, on to other things. A few weeks ago, I finally gave in and bought a Video IPOD. I found some very fun things to download. Although I never really paid attention to Simply Quilts while it was on TV, I love Alex's Podcasts, because she interviews many interesting people that I would probably never hear of otherwise. Recently she interviewed the Editor of Quilting Arts Magazine, and she talked to the people who own Superior thread about different threads. I also love the video podcasts from CNN Podcasts
I download the very funny Glenn Beck, and the Grist. It was really nice to have along on a recent trip. Bill likes to listen to XM radio's "Old Time Radio Broadcast".. which I only like to listen to if there is a funny show on.. like George and Gracie. So I just listened to all of the podcasts on my Ipod. I can do all of these things with the Ipod, until it came to downloading books from the Library's "Recorded Books" website. Grrr. Luckily, my husband got a free MP3 player from somewhere. It is a little 1X2" Creative Zen Nano plus player. That player accepts the files. So I have been listening to Sharyn McCrumb's Rosewood Casket for most of the weekend. I don't have to change CD's and the little player is so small that I don't even notice that it is clipped on my waistband.
I can see a bright future of downloads from the Recorded Books Site! You HAVE to use an mp3 player, because it downloads the whole11 hours of a book in one file. So if you stop the file, there is no way to know where you left off.
Anyway, that's it for my weekend so far.. recorded books and found projects. I hope that your weekend is more exciting!


Rian said...

I just got an iPod a couple of weeks ago and am in LOVE! How did I ever live without this toy! I have a thing that lets me play it in my car. So very cool.

I did draft the NYB blocks in EQ5. They were not that difficult once you get one done, you just vary it. I did it that way so I could audition the fabrics beforehand and that proved to be a godsend, kept me from making costly value and color misjudgements. I can send you the file if you want.

Shelina said...

Teri, Your weekend sounds exciting to me. You have help from the quilting fairy who helped kit up a project for you while you slept, and you were able to figure out technology to be able to read books, listen to podcasts and watch video podcasts too.