Sunday, September 10, 2006


I am taking a page out of my friend Susan's book. She said this morning "It suddenly hit me that I ought to lighten up and quit being so self-important and so quick to bitch about other people." I certainly agree. Not that she acts that way.. Because she doesn't, but she must think she does But I think that I do. I have always been the responsible, serious person. Even as a kid. It tends to be a drag on me, and anyone I am around. I always say perfectionism is a curse. I have been working on not letting little mistakes grate on me. Anyway, I find myself in charge of programs, and I start worrying that there won't be enough money to get 'good' programs and workshops.
When the only reason I love my guild is because once a month I get to spend time with fun ladies that love the same thing that I do. Interacting with other quilters is the absolute best thing about quilting. I know in my heart that we don't have to get expensive programs to have fun. And I have to quit worrying that I'm not doing what everyone expects of me. Maybe they don't feel they have to get speakers from all over the country. We have gone along for 25 years on just the love of quilts, and the fellowship of other quilters.

So I am planning things that don't cost a lot of money to do. Maybe with prizes.. that would be cool. I have to run my ideas past others to see if they are good, but, I am going to do my best to do a good job and not drive myself or anyone else nuts while I'm doing it.

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Shelina said...

I don't know anything about planning workshops, but I agree that you will be able to find cheaper ways to have quilty fun. Prizes sound like fun. Anyone who knows techniques the others haven't tried would be fun, and cheap. Charity work would make you feel like you are doing something important - and cheap. And if all else fails, there is always show and tell, which is free!