Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Somehow, I lost track of how old Sam is. I have to call our new vet and update it since the records are off a year. He was born on Halloween 2001. My son informed me, and I went back through Christmas pictures to verify. I only remembered that we brought him home after Christmas. I remember taking a picture of him inside a Santa Hat.
Truthfully, it kind of makes me sad that he is older than I thought he was. Since these wonderful creatures live such a short time as it is.
My friends Gail and Teresa are off to Houston. Actually, I think that Jeri and Deborah might be going to. I don't really have a desire to go. Maybe if I won something with one of my quilts (as Gail has) I might go. Heck, the two times I've entered, they rejected me, so winning anything seems like a slim chance at this rate! I'm anxious to see what Gail won. She has done really well with her two quilts this year. I'm happy for her. Maybe I will try again this fall with my new miniature. I think it might catch their eye. If not.. oh well. Maybe I should go all out and make a normal size quilt.
My skeletons are in a show in the Eastcoast Quilter's Alliance this weekend. It's done fairly well for a quilt that I didn't think would ever win anything. The skeletons have won Best use of Embellishments at the PNQE, Best interpretation of Theme at Denver, First place in the Art Wall Category at Road to California, and another first place for a show with an unmarked ribbon.. I think that it has come to the end of it's show career. It isn't good enough for Houston or AQS, so I am going to save my donation money. But what am I going to do with a Day of the Dead quilt 364 days of the year? Expect to see it tomorrow, the one day of the year I can hang it in my blog, for a holiday, and not even a holiday I ever heard of until I made the quilt!!
You don't see Dia de Los Muertos celebrations in this part of the country!


The Carolina Quilter said...

How cute Sam is and hope he enjoyed his birthday! So cute!

Rian said...

Every year my dog Riley's birthday passes (he's five too) I forget to celebrate it and bake him a cake and then I feel guilty that he has never had a proper birthday party. My hunch is he'd just as soon not wear the pointy hat. Sam looks like he's doing great.

I could look at your DOTD quilt 365 days a year. Break it out so we can oooh and ahhh over it all over again!

France said...

Oh how cute! Happy Birthday Sam! I remembered Nacho's 4th birthday two days early and of course, two days later when it really mattered, it slipped my mind.