Friday, November 10, 2006


This is C.C. Bloome, the only plant I have never been able to kill. I bought it as a tiny little potted plant at Woolworth's probably 20 years ago. The best thing about C.C. (Christmas Cactus) is I only have to water it once a month. And to force it to bloom, I put it out on the porch all summer.. Mostly forget to water it, and then drag it back in the house in mid October, sit it in the shower for 20 minutes, and the buds start popping. Then I feed it. Can't ask much more than that. If I was rich, I would like to have a gardener. I love beautiful gardens and flowers, but I really don't like to garden. I love this plant, and I am grateful that I haven't killed it with negligence.

Today, I am finishing listening to a book so that I can go to the library. I have been working on cleaning my studio, which has been in disarray since I started cleaning it. I should just put on a blindfold and start tossing. Everytime I pick something up, I think I can probably use it at some point. I was getting a lot of stuff together for our guild rummage sale, but I couldn't go, so I will just continue to collect stuff to sell.

By the way, I decided to delete the post with my daughter's accident. I don't need a reminder every time I look at my blog. She is doing well. And I'm thankful that I made her wear her seatbelt when she was growing up. She was one of those kids that I had to stop the car for because she would unbuckle, or not buckle. At least she learned something from everything I tried to teach her. It saved her life.

Have a good weekend! Maybe I will actually get started on something fun that I can share.


computerpeach said...

I have my own CC Bloom - except my flowers are pink. I could have written about the only plant that I can't kill with my black thumb. Mine has survived for about 3 years - but that is good for me (especially since we move cross-country often and can't take plants). Mine is seriously root-bound, but I am afraid to transplant it into a bigger pot.

Jeri said...

The CC is looking great! My mom grew them too. She was always thrilled when the buds would come out!

I can't wait to see what quilty piece you will work on next.

The Carolina Quilter said...

I'm so glad your daughter is okay. Mine, 16, just started driving about two weeks ago. Good thing they make Prozac--and liquor! haha. Glad she is alright. I know you were scared to death.

Rian said...

I think I oughtta get a CC plant. My kinda plant. I have a black thumb.

I was out of town when your daughter had her accident so didn't get the details, but I am sending well-wishes just the same.

France said...

Oooh...some CC growing tips! Thank you!

My MIL got me one 2 years ago when she was visiting for Christmas (when we lived in AZ). It's survived the move to CA and then to MI, and probably the move to IL this month.

Mine isn't even close to being as nice as yours. I get a couple blooms, but the darn thing doesn't get any bigger.

Jane Ann said...

Funny, I've just been musing lately about my own CC (maybe because it's blooming--did you know there are actually CC's and TC's--Thanksgiving Cactus blooms around Thanksgiving, rather than Christmas, which explained a lot to me when I found out). Mine belonged to my grandmother--who died 18 years ago. She had it in her nursing home room, planted in a tin Russell Stover candy can. I left it in the can, for sentimental reasons--my grandparents always had hard candy around. Over the years the can finally rusted completely through. But the plant thrived. I never fed it, pretty much ignored it. I swear I think it was getting minerals from the rusting can! Anyhoo, it prevails, getting larger each year. I will hate to see it pass away, but maybe after 18 years with me, I will pass away first, and then my children can kill it!