Saturday, November 18, 2006


I'm sitting here watching the Ohio State vs Michigan Game. I don't know why. I don't care too much about football. I spent way too much time cleaning out files on my computer.
I went grocery shopping today. Needed everything for Thanksgiving. I made it all of the way through the store and I noticed this tiny little boy pushing a cart with a turkey in it. If it had been anyone else I never would have noticed it. I forgot to get a turkey and seeing this boy reminded me! I would have been pretty ticked if I went home without the most important thing!

So I'm all ready for Thanksgiving. We don't do a lot. We don't have any family here and only a small family anyway. I have to go in to work in the morning because my co worker, who has been there for 40 years, can pretty much take off whenever she wants. Unfortunately, there are only the two of us that do the job, so when she isn't there, I am. It pretty much stinks, but if I had been at the job for that long, I would expect big perks. At least I will make some extra money. I can always use that!

I actually got a few blocks made today, for a quick project.

First are these wonky log cabin blocks with fall colors. I probably should have started with a smaller center square, but they look okay.

This is a compass that I drafted on EQ5 from a picture of an antique quilt that my friend Gail had in her webshots album. It looks great doesn't it? Well it isn't. I can do some things in EQ5, but I lack the fine point skills. The diamonds aren't all the same, and the points must not actually connect to the outside edge because if I try to select a piece of background area, big sections of the background get selected instead. Grr... I have to go back through all of those Quilt University lessons again. I have forgotten most of it.
I am not a drinker. There is only one thing I indulge in once a year. Bailey's Irish Cream..Today, I bought a bottle of the new Chocolate Mint Bailey's . Yum. Maybe some Baileys, Skelaxin, and Aleeve will take care of this spasm I have in my back. ouch.


Granny Fran said...

Your Wonky Log Cabin blocks are wonderful. Great colors.

Rian said...

I love the Log Cabin blocks. You can draw a better Mariner's Compass by hand. Just gitcherself a stick, poke a couple of holes in it, and use it as a compass to make the circle. A protractor will help you get the angles right, because you need to have all the diamonds all the same.

I don't have to cook T'giving anymore, which is a big yay. I am, however, making a couple of dishes. I dutifully follow the recipes given me by the hostess.

Debra Spincic said...

I have found that EQ is one of those programs that if I don't use it consistently, I forget the finer points too. Are you going to upgrade to the Eq 6 version?

Patti said...

Oh, I love Bailey's too! I didn't know it came in fancy flavors. Time for a trip to the liquor store I think - I've not been there in several years. Added the last drop of peppermint schnapps to some cocoa tonight - must be the upcoming holidays putting me in the mood!

Hedgehog said...

Love those wonky log cabin squares. Glad you remembered your turkey!