Sunday, December 03, 2006


My friend Gail in Illinois asks me for my opinion on movies. I actually saw two this weekend, and I didn't have to pay for either one. I was eagerly anticipating The Nativity Story. It was okay, but I came away uninspired. It was slow, and just not inspirational. It is a movie that I would rate.. wait for the DVD then it only costs a couple of dollars to rent it, or if you're lucky.. you can get it free at the library.

Today I saw DejaVu. It stars Denzel Washington, and a quite beefy Val Kilmer.. who has not met middle age with the same style as Denzel. I'm just sayin...
Anyway, I read a short review of the film before I saw it and the reviewer said it may turn out to be the sleeper hit of the season. I have to say that he was right. This was a REALLY good movie. I don't want to say too much about it because it would give it away, but I can say that I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat for the last 30 minutes. There is violence.. but not over the top gross like some of these movies, that always seem to get stellar reviews. I would recommend seeing this movie, and then buying the DVD and watching it again.

Well, back to laundry. It never seems to end.


Jeri said...

Ditto! We saw Deja Vu yesterday too. It was good, and I had the EXACT same reaction re:Val Kilmer. He's still cute, but there's just a leetle more of him to love! :) It was an excellent movie IMHO.

Teresa Suek said...

I haven't been to a theater in years. I just don't take the time, although I love to watch movies. I rented Breaking up with Jennifer Aniston this weekend and what a bad movie. I even watched the commentary, just to figure out what was so special about the movie. Nothing!