Saturday, December 30, 2006


I finally have four days off. Thank you to everyone that sent get well wishes! They aren't quite working yet. I'm not coughing anymore for the most part. Yay. But my voice is still raspy.. kind of like laryngitis. I can tell it's different because I called my friend Gail to discuss Aurifil thread colors, and she didn't know who I was! Yesterday, I felt like I was getting a cold, today my nose isn't stuffy, I just can't taste anything.. which is good, because what's the point of eating if you can't taste it?

I started knitting my first pair of socks. I thought I would just start out with the magic loop technique, making the sock on one circular needle. Everything is going well, I just knitted the heel flap but now I'm stuck. I need to see what is actually being done in pictures, then I could understand the directions. I am going to go to my Local yarn/quilt shop and see if someonw can help me out. I am knitting from a yarn that I got from Knitpicks a while ago. It is turning out to be striped. I am surprised about that.. but you would think that the "simple stripes" name on the label would have told me something. They didn't make yarns like this when I first started knitting 40+ years ago.

Knitting has been a nice quiet thing to do while vegging on the couch for the past week and a half when I wasn't at work, but it is time to get back to quiilting. I have a very simple calendar at work. Just the dates in an 8x10 size. I plan to make a small quilt every month and pin that up over the calendar. More fun than buying one with pictures already attached.

By the way, I am not going to Road to California, only my quilt will be there. My friend Birgit Schueller will have 2 quilts in the show, Kaliedoscope Twist, and Trinity, and Gail Stepanek will have her November Fields quilt in the show.

I have to contact my picture taker and tell her to take pics of Birgit's quilts for me. I would appreciate email pics if anyone is going. I won first place in the Art Wall Category last year with "Skeletons from my Closet". Someone from the show was nice enough to call to tell me. I think they are the only show this year that has called to tell me that I won anything. My skeletons are going to be in the Dallas show in March. I don't think they will be in a show after that.

Well I should take off. Got some things to do. I hope that you all have a great weekend. If I get anything accomplished this weekend that is photo worthy, I will post it! Bye for now!

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