Wednesday, February 28, 2007


As usual, I am not working on a quilting project. This is a baby cable sock I think it is either Mountain Colors or Toasty Toes sock yarn. Green for St. Patrick's Day. I am in search for the perfect sock for me. The last couple of pairs have been okay, but they seem to stretch and I can't stand the feeling of them slipping and sliding on my foot. I am finally getting the concept of how to make a sock so I don't have to use a formal pattern. For this one I just had the cable pattern and made up the rest. I like my cuffs to be no more than 6". I wrote down what length it has to be between the heel flap and the beginning to the toe decreases. If these don't work out for me, I plan to make a pair with less stitches. I cast on 64 now. maybe I will try a pair with 56 stitches. I use #2 needles now. I have tried 1's with 64 stitches, but it makes the heel and cuff too tight. Maybe I will try using 2's for the cuff and heel and switch to 1's for the foot. Eventually, I will find the perfect sock..
I am making progress with cleaning my studio.. okay, I know I have been at it foever.. it is just keeping me from starting a new project. But I have thrown tons of stuff out. I have other things better organized. It won't be long before everything is right where it should be and I will be much more able to concentrate on what I need to. My mind is cluttered enough. I can't think when everything on the outside of my mind is also cluttered.

Talk to you this weekend!

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Rian said...

I can't create in chaos, either. Cute sox, but I couldn't stand them sliding around on my feet, either. Gives me the willies just thinking about it.