Sunday, April 29, 2007


Hi Everyone!! I had a great week in Paducah. I had a great time and didn't even win anything!
First off, I have been saving for a longarm. I really didn't want to spend the money for a big machine, didn't really want to stand to quilt. So I was in the right place, at the right time with the right amount of money and I bought this HQSixteen.. minus the table. My husband can either convert my 5x6 foot sewing table, or build me a much better one.

The stores in Paducah all decorate for the quilt show. I believe they may have a contest.

This is me and GRACE. Maybe someone noticed it hanging under the amazing first place winner made by Judy Spiers.
This is my friend Gail, who won the prize for the Western Baptist Hospital Heart Center. They will hang her quilt in their new heart wing.
This is me by my quilt in the new OH WOW! collection of miniatures at the Museum of the American Quilter's Society.
I could have died of embarrassment when I asked to have a photo, and someone from the museum came into the area said "I'd like to make an announcement, we have one of the quilter's here.. and I am going to take her picture by her quilt". There were probably 30 people there that all turned around and started clapping. All this just to tell them that just because she is taking a photo, doesn't mean that anyone else can!! The experience was weird and wonderful at the same time.

This is another picture of me by the sign at the entrance to the permanent exhibit. I tried to fix the pasty flash face, but I can't work miracles!

This is a leather numbered limited edition of the exhibit that was given to me by the museum.

These are my pages in the book. I am the first person ,as the book is in alphabetical order. There was a book signing on Monday evening and Friday afternoon. I was at the Friday afternoon signing. I am astonished that I was included in a book with so many of the quilter's whose work I have admired through the years. When I overheard the curator talking about having "influential quilters" in the first book of the collection, it really tickled me and I commented to Judy Spiers that they must have made a mistake.. because I couldn't figure out why I was sitting in the same area as they were and was being asked to autograph books. People actually gushed over me. Let me tell you.. it is weird being the gushee instead of the gusher like I usually am!
All in all, it was a wonderful few days. But I am glad to be home!!


Shelina said...

Welcome back. What an awesome trip you had, being a gushee! It was well deserved.

Rian said...

I am so proud of you and so delighted for you! It's such a thrill to see your stuff "up there."


Lori (A.K.A. Elkhoundmom) said...

Congratulations on your new machine and even more so on your book pages. That is just wonderful! It is also nice to see you!

Teresa Suek said...

You deserve to be gushed at. I watched that quilt being made and even helped a bit (so very much a little bit) with my opinion of the quilting for it. I am a star, vicariously through you!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Sounds like a great trip.