Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Hi Everyone!!

Not much going on here. We went from 85 degrees yesterday to low 50's in about 10 minutes last evening. No wonder I feel like I'm sick. I've had a vague headache for 3 days, a muscle spasm up the back of my neck since this morning and my throat is scratchy. But enough about me.. Pretty soon, I will no doubt be griping about the heat. In the spirit of wishing for fall, I have FINALLY worked out MY perfect sock.

I have been experimenting with measurements, and I have been taking notes, and this is the perfect sock for me. Now that I have this one done, I will start the other using the corrections that I made my first run through. The second sock should be fast and perfect. Right now, I have to stick with patterns for the 64 stitch cast on. I am not familiar enough with knitting socks to know how to fit different patterns that may take more than a 64 stitch cast on. I think I can do enough with this one. I have several patterns that I can use for the cuff, and I can do the same heel and foot on each sock. Eventually, I would like to do some of these lacy patterns like fan and feather and a ripple, but not until I get the hang of it.

I spent the weekend trying to make a dent in the multitude of fabric and stuff cluttering my life. I can't even think because there is so much crap laying around. I got together a bunch of stuff I figure that I will never use in a quilt. I thought that I would just take it to guild and give it away. Then I found a pattern for a summer nightgown. I think a bunch of this fabric will go to make some nightgowns instead.
I organized all of my flannels, and I found a pattern for an easy flannel quilt. I think a lot of people that I know will get flannel scrap quilts. I need to use this stuf up. Talk about a money pit. I wish I had the money that I have spent on things that I never used. What a waste.

Well, I just wanted to check in so you all know that everything is good here. By the way, I think that I have decided to have Bill make a whole new table for my HQ.
Talk to you later!!


Dorothy said...

You've got some good sized chunks - make everyone flannel pillowcases for Christmas. They use up a lot of yardage, they can benefit from even the oddest prints, and in winter here in the frozen north they are much appreciated. (and they're super fast - move that stuff out!)

Debra Spincic said...

A new table sounds like a great idea!

Those flannel PJ bottoms are popular too! and you could get creative and mix & match prints