Saturday, July 14, 2007


Happy Saturday everyone! I woke up during the night long enough to utter an expletive when I felt my glasses on the bed next to me

I either had them on my chest while I was reading, or they fell off of the shelf by my bed. I figure I didn't put them on the shelf. I managed to not damage these fragile type glasses for 2 years now I have to go get a new pair. Thankfully, I actually have a backup pair of lineless bifocals in the same perscription. They are darker half frames. It would be pretty bad if I didn't have an extra pair.

Then when I let Sam out, a racoon had gotten into my garbage AGAIN and I had to pick up all of the garbage strewn all over the yard. It is nice having all of these woods around me, but the critters that live in them start to be a pain in the rear after a while.

Then to top it off, I run out of bobbin thread while sewing the binding on a queen size quilt. Luckily, my Pfaff warns me before this happens, and I managed to get two sides finished before it ran out completely.

I hope that your day starts better than mine did!


Rian said...

Bummer! Glasses are so expensive. I wish my Janome would warn me when the bobbin is getting low. That's a beautiful quilt there.

In that picture of the three dogs in your sidebar, the one on the right looks like Sam.

Ros said...

Just checking my neighbours in blog land, Loving the colours in this quilt.