Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I am in such a rut. I haven't worked on anything in so long. Maybe I should never have picked up the knitting needles again.
I have nothing to enter in upcoming shows, probably not enough time left to bother. I think one of the reasons is my studio is such a total wreck I can't think. It's just that I have way too much stuff, and no where to put it. I have tossed a lot, I have some put aside to give away, I am finally clearing out the room next to my sewing room, and eventually I will expand.
It is getting so expensive to enter a show that I don't plan to do it again until my next piece is perfect, and has at least a chance of winning something. You may think that I want to win for the accolades.. I want to win something to make up the cost of entering!
I made my annual donation to IQA. And for once I am happy they turned me down. I take care of shipping my German friend Birgit's quilts for her to the U.S. shows because it is so expensive and a crap shoot to mail anything from Europe. (no tracking) Anyway, her miniature quilt was accepted in IQA. It cost me $7.05 to ship it via UPS to Houston. She has to pay $37.50 to have it shipped back to me. The whole thing in the box only weighed 0.75 pounds! And so many of these shows want to ship back via Fed Ex. I never know when the Fed Ex guy is going to show up.
CRANKY? You say? Why how did you guess? On top of the fact that I feel like crap, now I can't talk because I have laryngitis. I usually don't have a lot to say, so when I do say something, I would like it to be heard. Like for the times the hairy kid (Sam) runs for the nearest hole in the fence). Then, I'm still waiting for the HQSixteen that I bought in April to be put in a sit down table. I thought I would save money and get a better product getting my husband to build one for me. Here it is, 4 months later, all of my early (everything free) warranties have expired.. but it doesn't matter, because stupid me didn't take the paperwork out of the box, and everything had to be sent in within 30 days of purchase.
So I am going to really hope that nothing is wrong with the machine in case it EVER gets put into a table. I should have waited to buy it, and bought the table that came with it..
Other than all of this.. it's only in the 70's and on the downhill slide to cold weather again.. FINALLY.
Grouchily skulking away.....

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Rian said...

I'm with ya on the contests. There are not only entry fees, but as you pointed out, spendy postage. And insurance. And there's the inevitable disappointment. And sometimes stuff gets lost or stolen. Pffft.