Sunday, September 02, 2007


Well, sort of. Bill presented me with a list of things that we need to do around the house. My first day off was spent running all over creation catching up on things I needed to do.

This isn't on my list of things to do but I thought I would show you something that my grandmother made for my mother as a wedding gift. It is a crocheted bedspread.

It is big enough to go on a double bed

And it was crocheted with a little steel hook and cotton crochet thread.

Look at how intricate all of her work was. My grandmother Hallie was the one who started me out in quilting by helping me piece my first blocks, I can also crochet.. My mom probably helped me while I was learning that. My cousin and I used to do counted cross-stitch on pre-stamped patterns on the summers that we would see each other at Grandma's. My cousin's wife helped me when I started knitting. I am largely self-taught in all of my crafts, but if it hadn't been for the constant influences of the women in my family, I may never have continued. I just wish that My daughters showed a little more interest. I taught all of my kids (including my son) how to crochet and how to do counted cross-stitch. I tried to show my girls how to sew clothing. Meg has mad one rag quilt. I know that when I was in my late teens and early twenties, I wasn't interested in doing a lot of hand work, and I eventually came back to it. Of course it was always a bigger part of my life than it was in theirs. I didn't have video games and cell phones, and countless entertainment options like my kids do, so they may never try it again. I hope that isn't true.

Well, I've strayed from my 'list'. Back to work for me. Have a great holiday!


Elaine Adair said...

Oh Teri - this is absolutely exquisite!

Rian said...

My grandmother did crocheting like that--tiny needle and fine cotton thread, and she turned out bedspreads and tablecloths by the dozen. She had a permanent groove in her finger.