Monday, October 08, 2007

It's almost finished. I took my machine out and put it on the top of the table, and measured for the insert. I had to leave enough room at the end of the machine to change the bobbin which is on the very end of the arm of the machine.
My Pfaff's bobbin faces towards the front and luckily there is an opening in the front of the drop down unit so that I can easily change it. This one needs the added support of that oak board in the front so the drop down that will hold the machine will fit right up against that board. When that part is all finished, I will have to make a template for the acrylic insert. When we move the table to my sewing area, Bill will re-attach the back and sides that will lift up to give me room to work.
Now comes the part where I have to find somewhere I can open it up.
Maybe I will actually get some Christmas gifts finished. Nah...

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