Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Last night I visited a friend that is in the last stages of what started as breast cancer. She has suffered from this vicious disease for almost two years. She had been pretty sick the last time I called to check on her and spoke to her on the phone, but went downhill fast. Once she 'had' to lay down on her bed, she never got back up.
Since my visit, I have been trying to remember as much as I can about her life. I don't remember exactly how I met her. It was around 20 years ago. My kids were little. I'm sure we met through our love of Shelties, a small dog resembling a Collie. For several years she and I and my kids would travel to dog shows where we would show our dogs in the breed ring, obedience and herding events. She didn't have children and had her own home based business grooming dogs. Once my kids got older and started school, I didn't have the freedom to travel around on weekends, and didn't have the extra money to spend for this hobby. Although we didn't share the same passion, we have still remained friends all of these years. When I got my "foo foo" dog Shitz Tsu, she groomed him every 6 weeks from the time he was a tiny baby until she got too sick to do it.
Her husband is lost. He said the familiar "I was supposed to go first". I am so glad that I have children. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose my only love after so many years without the comfort of my children.
I sit here in my studio which is adorned with photos of my family and friends and I realize that after all of these years together, I don't think that I even have one photo of my friend. I just have not had the opportunity in years to take one of her. Now it is too late, and I will have to rely on my memory of how she looked, how she laughed.
God Bless you old friend until we meet again


Rian said...

How sad. It's tough to see your friends in such a condition. May her memory live on in your heart.

Dorothy said...

Oh Teri, I'm so sorry.

Jeri said...

(((hugs))) I'm sorry for your loss, and for her husband. Its so sad, and I hate that she is suffering.

Elaine Adair said...

You were a good friend to her also. I am reading your paragraph under your profile. Tough experience. I'm sorry.

blackbearcabin said...

There is nothing more difficult than to watch someone you love suffer. I am truly sorry that you are going thru this, and i am also sorry that there are no photos to hold onto...but she will live in your heart always, and that is where she belongs! My thoughts go out to you at this time.