Saturday, June 28, 2008


I guess that absent minded is what you would call it. I like to buy patterns. A few posts ago I showed a pattern and fabric for a "Sassy Bag". Generally I will buy a pattern and it will be put away until some future time when I drag it out and make it. Or not. For once I had everything in one place at the same time. I had a plan. Wouldn't you know it the pattern disappeared!
I bought another one using a coupon and a gift card. I'm waiting for the first pattern to show up again, even though I have looked everywhere for it. I think there is a possibility that it fell off of the end of my ironing table into the garbage. At least I hope it did. Truthfully, I don't want to find it and then have 2 patterns, it will make me feel pretty stupid.

At least I learned something from my experiment in stain removal. My daughter decided to buy a wedding dress. I was getting nervous about the ultimate destruction of my wedding dress so it would fit her. So now she's happy and I'm happy. I will preserve it myself this time so hopefully someday a bride will see it and love it. I had hoped it would be one of my daughters, but they turned out to be more traditional in their tastes.. with the exception of the color trims or sashes, which I think is weird.

The bride's twin will be wearing a short dress for the morning wedding. I am making it. I am happy that I made the bodice first out of muslin because it turned out too small. I altered the pattern and will try again. I wish I had a dress form in her size (2) because now I have to wait until she is home to fit her. I haven't made a garment in a while, especially anything fitted. But it is kind of nice and I hope that it turns out well.

That's it for this Saturday. I hope that you all are having a nice weekend!

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Rian said...

Perhaps a granddaughter will love to wear your wedding dress.