Friday, August 22, 2008


This week was our county fair. Since I went to a couple of concerts, and went with my husband, I didn't get to walk around and look in the buildings or do anything that I would normally like to do. With him it's go.. concert.. leave. I didn't really want to go out again just to fight the crowds again and look at quilts etc. Oh well, maybe next year.. In the meantime, this is what I did see.A pony wash
Vince Gill
Blake Shelton singing one song with his main squeeze Miranda Lambert
As you can see, Blake's jeans fit very well. He probably paid a lot of money for jeans with thousands of tiny holes, like he had been attacked by hungry moths..

Nothing much going on this weekend. I hope to get in some sewing. It is supposed to be hot, yuck, I thought it was almost over.. Have a good weekend!!

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Rian said...

I love the fair. When I lived in Orange County, we had the county fair. It was great. I would go early and spend all day there and into the evening. Here on the central coast we have the State Fair. It's kinda hokey. You can see it all in a few hours...much more 4-H oriented with livestock being the main focus.