Saturday, August 09, 2008


Lucky for me Knit Picks was very fast getting my order to me. This is the yarn that I will use for the Mystery Stole 4 KAL. I went to Oberlin to Bead Paradise and purchased the perfect beads for it. They are shiny metallic glass that have subtle color. Gold, copper, blue, green, purple, pink. The yarn is called "Shadow" and the color is Sunset Heather. It turns out to be a dark brick red. the picture makes it look more maroon than it actually is. So everything is ready to go and I am just waiting for the first clue to be posted.
In the meantime, I am working on mittens.
I knitted this mitten in a couple of evenings. Although you can't tell here, there is very little contrast between the dark green background and the variegated design. I knew there was some green in the yarn, but I didn't know that it got so dark. Maybe I should have just cut some of it out. Anyway, it will remain thumbless until I decide I like it again. I also knit these on the largest DPN's that I had which were 3's. This size is okay after blocking, but with the knitted lining, it makes for a pretty snug mitten. I decided to try this with a lighter background. I couldn't find any 4 DPN's, so this is knitted with 5's. I think it will work with a light blocking, and a lining. I wish I could find a hand dye with a little closer variegation, because I have to work in such a small area. But this is nice to I guess. I love this pattern. I want to make another Swallowtail Shawl, as the one I just finished is for a friend. I bought this for mine
This is also a Knit Picks yarn. Shadow which is a lace weight Merino, and it is called "Lost Lake". Although it looks green, it is a kind of blue green heather with taupe mixed in. Very pretty. That's about it. We are getting an early reminder of autumn. Cool breezy perfect weather. I hope it stays just like this.

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