Saturday, August 02, 2008


Last night when I was taking the dog out before bedtime, the sky was lit by flashes of light. It was unusual because although there were large clouds, there was no thunder and it was a warm and mild night. Kind of reminded me of the clouds in the movie "Independence Day" but those clouds had large alien spacecraft behind them. I talked my husband into putting his shoes back on and we drove the 1 mile to the boat dock to watch the lightening over the lake. It was beautiful. I took many pictures and this is the only one that turned out.
It's another mild, sunny day here. I will be in the basement working on quilts as I wasted the rainy days and waited until the last minute to do what I could have done months ago. See ya!


Brenda said...

Sydney (Australia) has dramatic electrical storms in the summer. I remember going to an opera and standing on the Opera House forecourt looking out the harbour and watching a wonderful display of lightening. It was still going when we emerged for the opera intermission. For illuminations of another kind, check out the latest quilts of the Twelve by Twelve Collaborative Art Quilt Project

Teri said...

Hi Brenda,
This was an odd occurance here. It may have been because it was far out over the lake, but it was a calm quiet warm night. The sky was lighting up, but there was no thunder and no rain. I like watching beautiful lightning far away where it isn't dangerous. Once in a while we will also get water spouts over the lake. They are tornadoes that are over the water. I have never tried to get a photo of those, they are more dangerous, because they can move onto land and the weather that goes along with them is usually bad.