Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have an ever growing stash of little balls of yarn. Leftovers from other projects. I have decided to use them to make a shawl. I wanted a ripple pattern, something simple that I could just pick up and work on without having to think too hard. I knew that this project would drag on for a while, and I wanted a simple design that would look nice when finished.
I chose a simple fan and feather design. I found a pattern in my book FOLK SHAWLS
It is a simple 4 row repeat. But, just so I am never confused about where I let off when I pick it up in a week, I blocked the first number on my row counter so I only have to concentrate on the row. 1-2-3-4. Then on the back:
Now I will know what the pattern is, and where I got the pattern. Viola' Anything to make my life easier..
By the way:

The killer bee problem has been resolved. ;)


Robin said...

how does that row counter work? I'm about to start a sweater that has a pattern I have to keep track of -I usually write it out on paper to keep track and mark off rows done with a pen- this might be easier

jb81185 said...

I love the picture of Sammy! I can't believe you got him to keep it on long enough to fall asleep LoL what are you making with the yarn?
Love Jackie

Teri said...

Hi Robin,
With the counter, all you have to do is push down on the top to count a row. It only goes to 99.
I also have another counter that works the same way, but it is smaller and has a little lock to prevent rows being added on when its banging around in your knitting bag.