Saturday, November 08, 2008


Since my big cutting table won't fit in my new sewing room, I have to come up with other options if I need a large cutting surface. If I needed a truly large surface, the huge mat on the table I have would take up the entire top of my sewing table if I removed the sewing machine. Most of the time I won't need anything that big. I have looked at Olfa and Omnigrid mats when they are on sale at JoAnn's, or when I have coupon, but they are expensive even on sale. The least I have seen a 24X36" mat is for around $50.00 .

Today, I went to a local chain of craft stores called "Pat Catans" because I was looking for poseable wooden hands in their art department. When I went past the drafting section, there were cutting mats. I got a clear 24x36" mat for $23.00. Actually, it is even thicker than a "quilting" rotary mat. The biggest difference is that it has a half inch grid, instead of a 1" grid. I rarely use the gridlines on a cutting mat and for the difference in price, even if I did use them, I would re-learn.

What I think I will do, is buy a second mat and do an L shape placement on the table, as the width of the mat would be a perfect fit on the area at the end.

What I really need is to bring some more cabinets and things upstairs so I will have a place to put some of the things that are cluttering my table top!!

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Rian said...

I dig the cutting mat (I'm so tired of the green...). Wooden hands????