Wednesday, December 03, 2008


This is the view behind the Walmart in Anchorage. Coming from an area of the country that is mostly flat, I can't imagine having a view like this as I walked up to my local Walmart.
On the other hand, I also don't have snow like this. I won't say we don't get snow like this, but we weren't in steadily cold snowy weather in October. My daughter took these photos recently so that I could see all of the snow that they got overnight. Being young, she didn't think anything of going out in it anyway.
I hope that you are all well, and that you are enjoying the lead up to the holidays. I had an idea this year to set up an wish list. I sent it to just my immediate family. I got two of the books in the mail today. Early, but, I am so happy to get exactly what I want. I looked through them of course, but I will stick them in a gift bag and not look at them again until Christmas.
We aren't spending much this year. We don't have any little children in the family right now, and Christmas is just more special viewed through the eyes of children. I always taught my kids the real meaning of Christmas, and I have tried to point them in the non-materialistic path. I feel this way even more now, as the seemingly endless groups of secularists try to pound Christ out of the holiday. For one, they are attacking the greeting "Merry Christmas". This is a big one in the stores, that hope to make money from people celebrating the holiday. I feel that I need to "protect" the real reason for celebrating, and shoving down any signs of materialism is one way. It IS a Christian religious holiday, and I find myself as the years go by getting increasingly irritated that it is observed by atheists, agnostics, and non-Christians. If they want to raise little Godless children, then they should start off early making them understand why they won't have a tree or gifts or any of the other trappings of the holiday. After all, wouldn't you want to teach your children to have integrity in their beliefs? Having a belief different than the majority, and standing up for unpopular ideals, isn't easy. Trust me, I've spent my life being on the other side of just about anything that is popular with the majority. But taking our Christian holiday, and trying to make the rest of us throw Christ out of it just isn't working for me anymore.
As a society we are not only disengaging from God, we are in a sense, slapping Him in the face.
This is what got me worked up this time:
All this loser does for me is make me feel sorry for him that his life is apparently so empty. Not only does he not have anything to believe in, but he spends his time trying to convince everyone he is right, and insulting those who choose to believe in God. You know, I don't give a crap what someone chooses to believe or not believe in. If they want to dance naked around a tree in the middle of the night, go for it. I do draw the line at killing people of other faiths because you think that is what your 'god' wants you to do.
But I am so sick of these loudmouths bad mouthing my beliefs. Just because they don't believe it and they don't enjoy it, nobody can. Actually, I am disgusted with political correctness in ALL of it's forms. One little crybaby that gets their itsy bitsy feelings hurt can whine enough to make everyone do what they want. I also blame the majority who don't stand up for what they say they believe. The majority of the citizenry of this country are letting themselves be collectively pushed around by a small amount of loud, whiny, spoiled, bullies.
All of the sparkly decorations, and smiling faces, must really irritate their dried up little hearts.
I have an idea... get a job, then you will have something else to do with your empty lives. An attitude adjustment would be good. The motto 'Live and let live" would be something you should try to espouse. Majority rules, is a good one that many have seemed to forget.
By the way... I say MERRY CHRISTMAS, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.


Rian said...

I like saying Merry Christmas too. (I can tell you watch O'Reilly.) But our Christmas cards say Happy Holidays because I have a fair amount of Jewish friends that I like to keep in touch with at the holiday time of the year.

kathiemackey123 said...

Apparently, our governor has received a fire storm of messages over the aetheist message. It may be legal but it ain't pretty.

Also, the Seattle artist who was asked to create an ornament for the white house tree has covered herself with glory....NOT. Her ornament has lettering on it that calls for the impeachment of the president. Mrs. Bush has declined to hang it. Ya think? Sometimes I think people in this state are inhaling sewer fumes for enlightenment and they mentally regurgitate what they are smelling.

Kathie in Washington state

laura west kong said...

That is simply the best view of Walmart I have EVER seen in my entire life!

All the backlash against saying "Merry Christmas" is so ironic considering that research shows the general U.S. population overwhelmingly prefers "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays".