Thursday, January 29, 2009


I definitely would have picked this little guy to start with. As it stands right now, I think his name is Jonas. Named after the one of the characters in the TV show "The Unit".
I'm so glad that the day is over, and I have off the next 3 days. Unfortunately I have to drive all of the way back because I left my purse locked in my desk. I was carrying a bag with my shoes, and didn't think about not having my purse. ugh.
Tomorrow, I have to stick around because I'm waiting for Fed Ex to deliver a quilt. Hopefully they will show up early, because they kind of come whenever they feel like it. Unlike UPS, that comes around the same time every day. I have lots to show you, so check back if you get a chance.

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Robin said...

Another cutie - I don't think this breed could have an ugly puppy.