Sunday, February 01, 2009


I feel like a knitting slacker compared to the likes of SOO , but this is my first month progress on my daughter's wedding shawl. It is an easy knit, as lace goes, I just can't sit and knit all day, and I'm not lightening fast to boot. But I will keep plugging along and hope for the best.
My friend TERESA is planning a big new studio. She is researching some alternate ways to put fabric on shelves. Vertically is one of the ways she came across. I thought that this was an interesting way to do it.. I'm going to give it a try. I think there might be some problems associated with it, like what to do if you don't have a full shelf. I put a bookend on the second shelf stack to hold the fabric up. One of the good things about it is you only have to shove the rest of the stack aside to get to the piece of fabric that you want. Maybe easier to pull a piece out if it is vertical, instead of having the weight of the other fabrics on top of the one that you want. I still have lots to fold and weed out of my collection.

I added another movie to my list. TAKEN= was action packed, good against evil, not for the peace loving movie viewer. But since I am an evil conservative with a male dominate movie viewing gene, I loved it.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I believe she got the idea from my blog post last night.
I have not found any problems with this method and I have used it for about 10 years now.
Previous to that I had stacked my fabrics. This works SO much better for me.
The space between my shelves is less than the space between yours.
You can see the post of my complete wall of my main quilting fabric on my blog.

Dorothy said...

My storage method involves piles. Lots and lots of piles. ;o)

I used to live next to the sweetest girl - looked just like Jamie Lee Curtis. Her favourite movies had lots of blood and high body counts. She had no use for sweet romantic comedies. Loved roller coasters, too, come to think of it.

Robin said...

Love the lace shawl - how special for her wedding
I'm following the fabric storage as I'm doing my sewing room soon

Debra said...

The fabric storage idea reminds me of books on the library shelf so I guess it would work as well.

Pretty, pretty lace!!