Saturday, March 28, 2009

The brown fabric is a bamboo blend, and the print is a sheer silk. They actually go together perfectly, it is just hard to tell by the picture.

I need an outfit for my daughter's wedding. I like wearing jackets, but they get just too warm. The pattern I have has slacks, a tank top, and a full flowing jacket. the first fabric I found was a taupe print ( next photo) silk. I was trying to find a marine blue to wear, but I couldn't find a dark blue print that I liked. Anyway, the floral silk as smudges of blue in it, and I think it will work out fine.

I couldn't find anything at JoAnns that wasn't polyester or rayon. I am happy with these and it was worth waiting for.

Then on the way out, I spied these Japanese taupes to add to my collection. I bought this cute little bag pattern and that green floral to make it. And a bought a ceramic and a tagua nut button.

Actually, with the exception of the garment fabrics, this was a fairly inexpensive outing. I won't start sewing my outfits until closer to July. I have managed to lose nearly 20 pounds, and I am hoping to continue. The thought of this blubber rolling around under the knits, makes me cringe, but that is what the pattern called for. I figure it will be very comfortable to wear, and I will be happy that I went this direction.

That's it. Boy, my feet are killing me..


Robin said...

Love the fabrics- look like something I would buy and the pattern sounds like one or more of the ones I own.

Rian said...

Lovely fabrics. It's hard to find decent garment fabrics. My feet always hurt. Try Aspercream.