Saturday, March 07, 2009


I love Saturday mornings. I try to keep it quiet, and perk up coffee that takes to long to do on weekday mornings. I put it in my carafe and bring along some cream on ice, and a thermal cup so that I don't have to leave my sewing room even to walk the distance to the kitchen for another cup. I catch up on videos on the computer, or stream in missed radio shows. Right now I am listening to all of the Gospel on my Ipod. Nothing like that to get you moving. I started out with classical, and all it did was make me want to take a nap!
Right now, I am still folding fabrics. I have the reds, blues, browns, creams, pinks and yellows done. I am working on the browns. Understand that these are only the fabrics from the rubbermaid containers.. I still have a lot to do. I don't plan on even leaving the house today..

I hope your Saturday is as grand as mine!

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Rian said...

I ADORE gospel music... Lemme hear ya say YEAH!