Wednesday, April 29, 2009


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My friends and family know that I'm always thinking. Sometimes I don't hear what they say, or out of the blue I'll say something that isn't even remotely related to the subject everyone else is discussing. I have explained the way my brain works as a way to convince them that I really DO appreciate what they are saying, and that I am "multi tasking." Today while logging charts, a mundane and repetitive task to say the least, I had an idea for a quilt. I usually think of one part of a quilt, and the rest comes to me as I work on it. I just wish that I had a bigger design wall.

I listened to a book today called BLISS TO YOU - TRIXIES GUIDE TO A HAPPY LIFE the book is written by Golden Retriever Trixie Koontz, through her person Dean Koontz. It is the third in a series, and was a very sweet book. It would have to be a quick read, as it only took less than an hour to listen to all of it.

The wisdom of a 'dog' : Think how long is time how short life is here. Think can not change the world – only brighten corner where you are. Fame means nothing. Time erases fame. Great power doesn’t last, time erases the powerful. Your anger dies with you. What love you give lives on. The cynic will sneer at this truth. Time erases cynics. You have as much love to give as any king or movie star. If humble, you have more to give than any king or movie star.

Just checking in.. I hope that you all are having a good week.

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