Saturday, April 04, 2009

Here is the progress on the signature quilt. I have all of the circles done, and now I am working on clipping the seams to ready them for turning. These are the circles from the pile from the post I did yesterday. I use elmer's school glue stick to tack the circles on to the background. Then I need to stitch all of them down. Now that I think of it, I don't know why I'm sticking them to my design wall yet.
Anyway, Gail, the signatures go in the circles. I forgot to tell you.

This is going to be a bright, colorful quilt. I am thinking of making it into a chuppah or 'canopy' that they can get married under. What do you think Robin?
Traditionally, the Chuppah is supposed to represent the home that the couple will share. The four poles that hold up the chuppah represent the pillars of trust and faith on which the marriage must stand. I figure that if it is signed by friends and family, it will give a kind of "blessing" to the marriage. I wanted to do the same for my first daughter's wedding. I planned on using a lace bed covering made by my grandmother. But the wedding was put together quickly because my Army son in law was being stationed far away, and my daughter wanted to go with him. Oh well, now I get to try this with her twin.

Well, I won't get anything done playing on the computer. Just wanted to check in.


Brenda said...

I made a similar "confetti" wedding signature quilt for my sister's wedding back in 2004. (You can see photos on my website here.) My sister and her husband have been living overseas for a few years but will reclaim their wedding quilt when they get back to New Zealand.

elfhund said...

Teri -- Are you making a chuppa? I am looking forward to the wedding. I wanted to see what you're working on. It's wonderful. If I ever marry, would you make me one? You can feel free to promise "yes," because you know the day will never come!