Saturday, April 11, 2009


I wanted to show you the progress on my shawl. It has got to the stage that I don't need a bag for my yarn. I'm always learning. I messed up a section before the one I am working on. It went okay until about 3/4 of the way around, and somewhere I missed a stitch or something. Occasionally For instance, once in a while I would end the round with a couple of stitches extra. No, I'm not a 'good' knitter.. I didn't tear the whole thing back. After all.. it was only a repeat of four stitches.. what did I need markers for? It will probably be noticeable when I block it. So, I won't point that area to the camera when I photograph it. ;) I'm sure that it will still be a warm shawl. The round that I am working on is a 16 stitch repeat, and I have placed markers. When it is reduced to an 8 stitch repeat, I will place more. Even with a 16 stitch repeat, if I leave out a yarn over, it messes it all up. It is so much more easily monitored by placing markers. Lesson learned.
I have finished prepping all of the blocks for the signature quilt. Now comes the task of applique.
But first, today I will quilt my little lone star, and put a round on my turn of the round robin quilt.
Now, armed with JoAnns coupons, I will go get more markers..


elfhund said...

Cousin Teri -- The mistakes in your shawl are what keep the Gods from being angry. That's what I always say when I screw up. Don't want angry Gods hanging around the apt, staring with hostility at my perfect knitting projects!

Cousin Brenda

Debra said...

Love your quilt even without the signatures!