Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Recently, members of my guild got together and made quilts for QUILTS OF VALOR
We used a pattern by JULIE BRAGG who is pictured third from the left. We had a great time together and made TEN quilts for this worthy cause. Kaye (kneeling in the center) is the kind person that will quilt all 10 quilts. There were a few more participants that left before we took this photo. Thanks to everyone!!
I have finally finished up working on wedding flowers. They are done early.. so if nothing else gets done, she will have a bouquet..

These are for the men. Thank goodness it is a small wedding party. Just like a miniature quilt. I thought these would be the easiest because they were the smallest. Wrong. Just more to look at in a smaller area.
This is the toss bouquet. I made it out of all of the leftover flowers. Something different. There are six separate bouquets, each with an "engagement ring" tied into the bow. When Meg gets ready to toss, she will slip off the beaded cuff and the single ladies will be surprised by 6 bouquets coming at them.

This is the handle on the bridal bouquet. I used a dowel with some batting and ribbon. There is kind of a pearl theme to tie all of this stuff together. She will wear my pearls. I put 'pearls' in the bouquet, and woven into the underside of the bouquet is the pearl rosary that I carried in mine, almost 30 years ago.
The groom will be in his Marine dress blues. I was limited to navy blue and threw in red because there just needs to be more color. Meg's twin Jaclyn is the Matron of Honor and only attendant. These roses are really dark red and the blue ribbon is really dark blue. The flash on the camera lightened them up. Since I didn't put my pearl rosary in Jackie's bouquet when she was a bride, I put my blue rosary into this one. That's the end of my rosary supply. Good thing these are my only daughters!

It's hard to get at a good angle with this, because it is sitting in a vase, but you get the idea.
I'm off today to 'sew' with my twisted stitcher group. I am going to drag the stuff to work on the letters for the border of the wedding quilt. That is something else that I would like to get out of the way. The first thing I thought of this morning is that I am making my outfit for the wedding.. ugh. I may end up shopping..
Have a good weekend!!!

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Robin said...

The flowers are gorgeous and profession looking. I'm sure that having your rosary in them will add to their specialness for the girls.
What a MOM!