Wednesday, May 06, 2009


This is how far I am on the wedding signature quilt. The center is together, now I am working on the border

INSPIRATION FROM BRENDA SMITH Remember how I told you I remembered seeing a signature quilt like this but I didn't know where I saw it? Turns out Brenda made one. Thankfully, she isn't corked that I absconded with her idea. She was very gracious, and I appreciate it. I decided that I might as well go one step further and put some words on the border.. but not hers. Thanks Brenda!!

Well today was a first. I shopped for a maid of honor dress (or matron.. she's married) with my daughter who is 4, 000 miles away, and my other daughter (the bride) who is at work. Thank goodness for ATT and cell phones.

The other day, we went shopping for a bunch of stuff for the wedding, and I forgot to show my friends what I bought:


In case you're wondering... it is freezer paper. Of course, you don't have to wait until I cork to get some, let me know if you ever need any.. I took down one of my design walls and decided to put up these 12" cork tiles. I spent the evening carefully peeling away all of the adhesive parts and placing them, only to come in this morning to most of them back on the floor. I am in the process of attaching them back on the wall with small brass nails . Now a few of them have corners cracked off. I will have to hang something over them.. shouldn't be a problem, I have lots of things for inspiration. I hope that you all have been having a good week.. Later, I will show you this awesome silk that I got in the mail today from YARN CHEF . She always sends along a recipe. This time it is for kettle corn. Meg and I like the microwave version, but I am going to give this a try on our movie night..
Back tomorrow!!

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Robin said...

What were you thinking - a lifetime supply of freezer paper- you could wrap a whole deer! or make a million applique quilts! Good luck dress shopping with technology. Got your link from Brenda in today's Serendipity post
Miss you.