Saturday, May 23, 2009


I understand that one of the ways to get blog readership up is post something every day.. sorry, I guess I skipped SIX days.. Okay, what have I been up to?
I got a new camera. I put the money for it together a long time ago, but, always being practical, I wasn't sure I should spend the cash. But I kept seeing this Nikon D60 slr digital at Sams, and I waited so long, they sold all of them. Then, Nikon came out with a new Nikon 5000 12 MP slr. I started thinking again. So, I started reading comparison reviews on the different cameras and decided on a D40.
It is only a 6 MP, but it has all of the features that I want. The reviewer said to use the money I would save and buy the telephoto lens accessory, which is what I did. I still have a 10 MP Olympus if I want to take a high resolution image. About the best thing about a higher mp is I can crop something small out of the image and still have a decent size photo. But like the reviewer said, am I REALLY going to make a print bigger than a 12x16? Nah.. 8x10 is my limit generally. He said that this camera is "the one professional photographers take on vacation". Anyway, it just so happened that they were on sale and I got this along with the telephoto lens for around the same price that I would have paid for the other camera. The D5000 would have been a couple of hundred more. A little too much for a camera that I didn't really need.
Sam was my first photo victim. This shot alone told me I was going to love this camera. I was about 12" from him and the photo is sharp and his eyes aren't glowing even when the flash went off! That's saying a lot! I will have to try this with my daughter, who's light hazel eyes sometimes glow in photos.
My husband and I are going to see the Terminator movie today and Night at the Museum tomorrow. I have to catch the notions wall sale at JoAnns, and I have a 40% Bordersbooks coupon to take advantage of. That's for this afternoon.

My guild friends threw a bridal shower for Meghan and Ben. Meghan was a member of our guild before she started college and didn't have the time. She sometimes comes with me to community service workshops. The shower was so nice. My friend Nancy threw it and we had fruit, cake, and coffee and iced tea. Meghan was thrilled with her gifts. And I was thrilled with the company. The next shower is going to have 37 people in his family.. ugh. I don't like to do things where I will be sized up by people I don't know. It will be over soon.

I wish that we had a little more time for my other daughter's wedding. She missed out on all of this 'fun'. They were always little party girls. I never liked having parties like this because I felt that it was just a ploy to squeeze friends and family for gifts. Which it is. I love being with the family and friends, I just don't like to make people feel obligated. Like the family I hear nothing from for 15 years until that baby shower card comes in the mail. After the gift goes out, the silence continues.
Well, off to the movies!!!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Hi Teri,
If my camera croaks I will want to learn a little more about this camera!
Have a great time with it...~Allie

Robin said...

Just relax and enjoy the showers- that's what is important to Meghan.