Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I especially like #11 Speak the Truth - Stop playing games. Recognize that though the truth may sometimes sting, it is the starting place for all progress. Challenge others to see the truth.

A friend at work had this, and getting a copy helped me find both of these inspiring tip lists to share with you.
The tips I find most challenging
2. Look for Light in the Darkness. A positive thing to do, and I like the explanation of Yin-Yang, although I'm more into looking to God to find light in the darkness. Sometimes when I feel desperate, I feel like I am letting Him down by not thinking of Him first.
8. Turn off the media. I'm getting better at doing this, I'm listening to books and not the radio when I'm at work. But even then I can read today's events into the books that I am listening to. Right now, I am catching up on the Harry Potter books. I just listened to "Half Blood Prince" before the movie comes out, and I thought that I might as well listen to "The Deathly Hallows" again.

*****POLITICAL THOUGHT**********

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
Thomas Jefferson

This morning, I was listening to the owners of a Dodge/Chrysler dealer in Minnesota talking about having their profitable dealership shut down by the Obama Administration and his 'Car Tsar" They have had the dealership in their family for 85 years. They employ 85 people full time, with full benefits. People with families. They were on the close list chosen by some bureaucrat. Other, not so profitable dealers with political ties, have been allowed to remain open. They were told they had to turn over all of their customer lists and sign gag orders by a date a few days in the future, or they would be forced into bankruptcy. I have heard other dealers say that they have to give up their stock of vehicles, which will then be given to another dealership that will remain open.

Many Americans elected a man that said he would 're-make America". So far, that is exactly what he is doing.

Taking over private companies

Selling companies without giving (by contract and by law) the primary bond holders their investment first. Jumping over them and giving first choice to the too powerful UAW. Which is undoubtedly a pay off for services rendered during the election and a down payment for the next.

Telling private companies what they are allowed to pay their employees. Saying it is only the companies receiving tax payer money, I'm sure it's just a start.

This list is only a small part of the things he is doing.

How about the Tsars (Russian leaders...weren't a good thing) who answer only to Obama, and not to the taxpayers, or their elected 'Representatives".

He also said;
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."
Hmmmm.... is that the constitution that he is also re-making?

You should really pay attention to the points that are in the new Health Care Bill. I think that if you REALLY listen, and see and THINK, you will realise it isn't going to be the wonderful thing that you are wishing for.

There was a point last week that I decided not to even bring anything up to anyone again. I was thinking that I am getting older, and the younger generation has chosen what kind of country they want. I think about the generation that sprang from the baby boomers. Our government educational system has rendered them totally ignorant about our country, and our world and it's history. But they know all about their favorite celebrity. Too many of them have been made to believe they are 'entitled' to whatever they want without having to work for it. They have been led around, and protected, and they see nothing wrong with having someone else thinking for them and taking care of their problems. Maybe they will be getting just the country that they will be happy to be part of.

Do you REALLY want to give up your free choice for "free" stuff from the government? REALLY?

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waquilter said...

I agree with you about the car dealerships (who is next) and where does it say anything in the constitution about the government (and that is suppose to be "We the People") taking over companies.

I worked hard, paid off the house, paid cash for most everything I ever got and do not expect something for nothing. I am very proud that I instilled that in my kids and I only hope there is an America for those grandkids to finish growing up in.

You are right on the target but sometimes it seems lonely and like the others are laughing at you.

PS I'm looking forward to the new Harry Potter movie, too