Monday, June 29, 2009



Well you have one more chance. If this bill passes in the Senate, we are stuck with it. From what I understand, the senate is not as left as the House so maybe there is still a chance. My Senator, Sherrod Brown, is funded by the Sierra Club. I doubt there is much chance he will vote against the bill. But, I can waste my breath with him like I wasted it with my Congress woman. She didn't read the bill, and supported voting for it before it was even written.
This is in the news today.

In case you weren't watching C-Span with me on Friday evening, you missed the reading of some of the points in this Cap and Trade Bill. This bill is a nightmare, and it's passage will change our lives because of a non-proven and recently de-bunked scientific idea. Many people, including the Eco Guru of the Left, Al Gore, are getting very very wealthy because of the Global Warming Hysteria, while the costs for everything you need goes up.
Do you know that there is a provision in it that says that if you want to sell your house, a fed bureaucrat will come in, look at your windows, insulation, appliances and whatever else applies, and this bureaucrat will rate the 'greenness' of your house. And you will have to upgrade it to government standards before you can sell your house.

SHARED SACRIFICE? Should go work for the feds. Since they can print money, and take all of yours, they can afford to pay more than the private sector.

GENERATION GAP BIGGER THAN EVER Boy, ain't that the truth! I'm finally starting to get it. Yes, I like technology, texting and a lot of the things younger people like. Where we separate big time, is work ethics, morality, manners, religion ( this is where the morals come from), the fear of living in a communist/socialist country.. I grew up watching the USSR, East Germany, Cuba. I saw that the citizens of those countries had no freedoms. The young 'enlightened' people in our country, so dazzled by celebrity, elect a celebrity President who is quickly working on taking away all of their freedoms. And if it wasn't mostly young people that voted this guy in, it was the people my age who still brag about being aging hippies. Me? I always had common sense. Didn't feel the need to act like the drugged up peers of my generation.
I just don't get it. I will NEVER get it.


kwiltmakr said...

Teri, this link is the Washington Post for who voted how....if you click on the party all the names will come up with a yes or no vote to see who voted and how.

Rian said...

That was a very interesting article (the one about the generation gap). In the 60s we fought hard to change things (equal rights, freedom of choice, etc) that the younger generation today takes for granted. They are cavalier about such things but won't they be surprised when they find themselves to be communists. Free healthcare is not free, boys and girls!